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Here you can see paintings by Mariell Turesson that are for sale.


Please note the photos might not show correct colours! The paintings are not framed.


For prices and shipping fee please contact me.


© Mariell Turesson

Saluki Afifa Art

"Saluki portrait 2"


Size 26 x 36 cm

Seaside Afifa Art



Size 25 x 34 cm

Saluki Afifa Art

" Sitting saluki"


Size 35 x 52 cm

Saluki Afifa Art

"Saluki Portrait 4"


Size 23 x 32 cm

Poppy Afifa Art



Size 30 x 30 cm

Afghan Hound Afifa Art

"Afghan Hound"


Size 42 x 29,5 cm

Dragonfly Afifa Art



Size 25 x 32 cm

Wire Afifa Art



Size 17 x 34 cm

Stream Afifa Art

" Stream"


Size 25 x 34 cm